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Weather you decide to begin in the summer or the dead of winter we have the people , the skills and the equipment to complete your project.  We can provide heating and hoarding during winter work to ensure your concrete is strong and that finishing work done in the winter looks  as good as work done in the summer and ensure your project is not delayed due to weather.

Our Concrete team is a group of highly specialized individuals whose combined experience brings together talent  from across Canada to serve central and northern Alberta.

Green Construction is now offering a new line of interior concrete finishes for custom counter tops, showers, sinks, baths, fireplaces, table tops or anything else you would like to create a unique look to.  These custom finishes are high end and last forever. If your looking to add value to your home for resale or just want something nobody else has let us show some of our previously completed projects and help you design something beautiful and inspiring for your home .

We take pride in or work and client satisfaction is always our number 1 goal.  There's no job too large that we can not handle it and no job too small that we aren't willing to do it. If you need help to design a custom solution to a unique problem call us and we'd be happy to assist you to develop real solutions.  For all of your concrete structural and finishing needs we will be there to bring your creation to life.