Safety is first our priority over any other activity and no work should endanger an employee, contractor or third party located in our work area.  Green Construction workers are dedicated to implementing safety in every project. To accomplish this our team effectively uses the right processes, tools and training. At the commencement of each day a tool box talk is conducted with our employees, so that they understand what they are doing for the day and each workers role, responsibility and direction. We commit to the following specific safe job practices by doing a job hazard assessment (JHA). In the case of routine jobs we have a pre written procedure to be followed.  Each worker signs this form to show they agree and understand the procedures and precautions to be followed.

All of our workers maintain a permanent commitment  to the mitigation of risks and prevention of unsafe acts by sharing knowledge and mentoring the more junior employees.  Our company maintains a team mentality of respect and group effort.

Our safety department sets the following policies that must be followed by all:

- Inform all workers before beginning any job about the risks to be expected and the control measures to be followed and provide them with the necessary training to perform each task.

- Identify assess and continuously control the risk existing throughout the construction process.

- Maintain communication to keep the job site safe (buddy system)

- use the proper PPE and safety devices

- Equipment operators do walk around checks of each piece of equipment before operating and fill out a pre trip inspection report that is turned in each day to management to track any safety and performance issues.

-install fall protection measures such as railing, covering gaps and holes, safety nets. Identify fragile and weak areas in structure which workers must be aware and avoid with markings or ribbon off.

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