Concrete Group 

● DEMOLITION - Of wooden buildings and concrete structures 

● TRUCKING - sort, load and recycle or dispose of waste materials

supply and deliver structural fill, aggregate and sand    or crush concrete

● SITE PREP - Brushing and stripping of organic material 

Cut and/or fill to establish critical sub- grade elevations Driveway, Ditch, Swale and Yard development

● BUILDING  SERVICE CONNECTIONS- gas, electric, sewer, water

  drainage pipe installed to grade

● SEPTIC SYSTEMS - (PSDS - Certified) design, permit  and install storage or treatment systems 


● PLACEMENT AND COMPACTION - Of gravel - Crushed concrete finishes or gravel base for concrete forming

● LANDSCAPING - Supply and deliver top soil, spread and seed grass




    ​●Slab on Grade

​    ●Sidewalks




​    ●Gutters 

    ●Form work

    ●Control cuts


At Green Construction we are proud to offer a wide variety of quality services. We began in 2011 as a small group of friends offering our concrete finishing services in Fort McMurray through word of mouth advertising.  Since then we have grown in size and abilities and in 2014 we  expanded our range of services to offer demolition and development capabilities to our customers. These combined services enable us to have better control of overall quality and greater efficiency. Our experience spans every sector from small housing projects to  apartment buildings,  large warehouses and sports multiplexes.  We offer both comprehensive development packages as well as smaller components of the  development  process  in the following areas:         

 We cover all aspects of Concrete work.

 This includes:

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Demolition and Development Group

Our clients include:

    ●Foundation tar

     sealing and repair
    ●Floor Sealer 
    ●Exposed Aggregate 

    ●Broom Finish

    ●Smooth Finish

    ●Pony Walls
    ●Grade Beams


    ●Snow melt systems

    ●Rebar Placement